Aaron Steinberg started Chemical Music as homebase for soundtrack composition and production, created top-to-bottom for television, film, advertising, new media, recording artists and more.
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Soundtracks clients include A&E, MTV, FX, Disney, Keurig, Sprint, History Channel, VH1, Billabong, ESPN, Subway, CBS, ABC, NBC, PBS, WE, Nickelodeon, Showtime, Amazon, Bravo, Oxygen, BET, Animal Planet, Discovery, AMC, Science Channel, The CW, Wendy's, Avon, TLC and many more.
Theme songs are a favorite area, which includes Howard Stern, BILL NYE THE SCIENCE GUY , WE, Channel 4 UK, ESPN and many more.
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Aaron is also known for his original songs and live performances (" CAPTAIN DANGER ”) with highlights including South by Southwest, CMJ Music Marathon, and "The Green Room with Paul Provenza" (Showtime).
Also an in-demand session player, Aaron has performed Paul Leonard-Morgan's Emmy-nominated "Limitless" (CBS) soundtrack, as well the score for "Dredd" and the "Battlefield Hardline" and "Dawn of War 3" games.
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Artist production/collaboration includes FLULA BORG ("Pitch Perfect 2,” “Conan O’Brien”), OLIVIA OLSON ("Adventure Time”,”Phineas & Ferb”) and LP (Warner Bros).
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Whether it's an absurdly catchy theme tune or a surreal ambience, the Chemical contribution is a mood that lingers - the end solution is a unique identity.
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