Themes / Jingles (AUDIO)

(please also see Underscore - AUDIO page 1)

  • Solving for X (Disney) Bill Nye
  • Cinematherapy Theme (WE)
  • Christy's Farm (Howard Stern)
  • Another Day In Paradise (Rage)
  • The Americans (sitcom Theme) (FX)
  • Thursdays With Cary Grant (WE)
  • Fight Those Germs (Disney)
  • Grace Helbig (Flula Borg vocal) (E!)
  • Long Live The King (AMC)
  • Fitz and Slade (film)
  • Dr Dolittle (AMC)
  • Theme from Beauty Brawl (Pilot)
  • Theme from Wild Rules (ESPN)
  • Exponentiality - Bill Nye (Disney)
  • America's Worst Driver (NBC)
  • Cheerleader U (WE)
  • Fear Hockey (NHL)
  • Wayward Trophy (NHL)
  • Sportsdesk Theme (MSG)
  • Cowboys for Christmas (AMC)
  • Consider The Following - Bill Nye (Planetary Society)
  • Little Genius -1990s TV Theme (film)
  • Awesome is Everywhere (pilot)
  • The Story of This Plant (Documentary)